With Merx, Brands can engage with users directly on their preferred platform.

Amplify your brand's voice, transforming every online interaction into a unique brand experience. Let's transform online shopping together, one chat at a time.

Transform Marketing with Conversational Engagement

Engage where your customers are. With open rates >90% (Whatsapp, Meta messenger) vs email (1/20 emails opened)

Conversational Promotions

Conversational channels are the best place to provide personalized offers your customers love. Higher engagement, higher conversion.

From Hi to Buy. Dive into Conversational Sales

Start personalized dialogs that guide visitors to purchase. Merx shortens the sales cycle by answering questions, advising on products, and letting customers checkout in-chat. Imagine having your best sales person available to all customers, and working overnight

Instant Product Inquiries

Merx engages each visitor in real-time product discussions. Customers get quick answers so they can make faster, more confident purchase decisions.

Tailored Recommendations

Intelligent product suggestions, tailored for each customer.

Checkout in a Conversation

Simplify buying with swift, secure checkout within conversation. Eliminate friction for dramatically reduced cart abandonment.

Build Lasting Relationships with Merx

Make every customer a repeat customer. With Merx, re-purchases are as simple as sending a text.

Gather Feedback

Direct insights from customers to refine your offerings.

Subscribe and Save

Foster loyalty with easy repeat purchases.

Unearth Deep Insights in a Post-Cookies World

Understand your customers deeply, even without cookies. With Merx, every chat is a goldmine of insights.

Engaging Surveys

Honest, actionable customer insights.

Visual Dashboards

Distil relevant, valuable insights from user conversations using the WhatsApp Business API. Beautifully visualized.