From Hi to Buy!

Discover the Future of E-Commerce with Merx.

At Merx, we believe shopping should be effortless, personalized, and conversational.
Founded in 2023, we set out to transform the online shopping experience by enabling brands to engage customers through instant, joyful chats.

Our Story

Pietro and Mohamed have over 10,000 hours of experience working on digital commerce, and both experienced all the challenges related to classic e-commerce such as email campaigns with low open rates, decreasing effectiveness of digital ads, and non personalised experiences which led to low conversion rates.
With the rise of Generative AI, both of them felt strongly that new technologies allowed a whole new, better way to design the shopping experience. They decided to quit their jobs to create a solution that enables this change.
They met in a start-up accelerator and VC (Antler) and did just that!

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