Build Lasting Relationships with Merx

Make every customer a repeat customer. Merx fosters enduring brand relationships as fleeting interactions evolve into lasting bonds. Let's transform engagement together.

The Merx Advantages

50% Increase in Customer Retention

Brands using Merx report half their customers returning.

40% Increase in Repeat Purchases

Making buying as easy as sending a text sees 4 in 10 customers coming back for more.
Merx turns 1-time buyers into loyal customers through ongoing, personalized conversations.

Nurture Every Conversation

Collect real-time customer feedback effortlessly through conversational interfaces. Refine products, services, and experiences based on direct insights.

Gather Feedback

Tap directly into customer sentiments. Refine your offerings with real-time feedback, effortlessly collected via intuitive chats.

Subscribe and Save

Enable swift reorders by letting customers repurchase favorites with just a few messaging taps. Reduce friction, increase retention.